Communication and safety:

Experience technology with all your senses!


In our opinion, communication technology involves all our senses: lighting is the basis for a convincing spatial and working atmosphere. Professional audio technology contributes to high audibility. Modern video technology can convey strong impressions. And an ergonomic user interface is the link between a straightforward and intuitive handling. The ideal combination of these elements leads to a completely new experience.


Our through-out safety systems ensure full facility protection, ranging from video surveillance, intrusion detection systems and access control to centrally organized systems for safety management.






Consulting, planning, expert opinion:

Our primary activities:



Requirement analysis

Technology advice

Cost analysis


Analysis and optimization of installed systems

Operating concepts

Business concepts

Development of a central system management system



Preliminary assessment

Room acoustics analysis

Project planning

3D system visualization

Specification development

Preparation of tenders

Construction supervision

Online project tracking

Technical approval


Expert opinion


System analysis


Expert opinion



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