hmpartner is the result of more than 20 years of passion for av communication: Since the first project in 1999, many things have changed: the company’s name, size of our team, our headquater. What has also changed: AV standards, available technologies and our customers’ preferences. And so have we.

Shortlist "Corporate Project"
EY Quantumspace AV Technik digitale Workshops Präsentationen digital Content interaktive Displays Videowall video wall immersive studio wavepace realtime content av concept

"QuantumSpace" has been nominated as Corporate Project of the Year for the Inavation Award 2021. Winners will be announced at ISE in June.

The Project

Shortlist "Media & Broadcast"
EY Quantumspace AV Technik digitale Workshops Präsentationen digital Content interaktive Displays video wall immersive studio wavepace realtime content av concept

The Digital Lab "QuantumSpace" is a place for new forms of presenting. It was shortlisted for the AV Award 2020, category "Media & Broadcast".

The Project

Welcome to Düsseldorf

Our new headquarter is located on Erkrather Straße, on a former industrial site. The location combines yesterday's industrial atmosphere and today's technological perspectives.

"Business project" of the year
Eschborn Immersive Studio digital interaktiv Video wall Workshop

Sinus Award is considered one of the most important rewards of the AV and integrating industry. It goes to the most innovative projects in distinct categories.

The Project

Shortlist "Governance Project"
Oberlandesgericht Gerichtssaal Dolmetschanlage Düsseldorf AV-Technik Konzept Denkmalschutz court room interpretation concept

Finalist of  the Inavation Award: the complex AV design of a court room that considers both users' requirements and security standards for communication infrastructure.

The Project

Shortlist "Leisure & Entertainment"
Boehringer Restaurant Event Veranstaltungsraum Projektor Leinwand Beleuchtung AV Kommunikation staff restaurant event location communication diplays projector av equipment

hmpartner was nominated for the international Inavation Award for advanced AV  design within a complex architectural frame .

The Project

Consultant of the Year

At ISE 2016, Detlef Hartmann is rewarded the Inavation Awards as "Consultant of the Year".

Thomas Euring, engineer
Thomas Euring, hmpartner, Partner, Hartmann, Mathias und Partner

Independant designing offers a broad perspective and plenty of space for creative approaches.

This open-minded philosophy is especially important to Thomas Euring when project development at hmpartner leads to new options for comprehensive concepts. As a result of a neutral point of view and close and respectful collaboration with customers.

Corporate Project of the Year

Flexible AV technology for the new ADAC headquarter in Munich: desk sharing converts the office building into open space. Including all options for collaboration, presentations, meetings, discussions and training.

Stefan Mathias, consultant economist
Stefan Mathias, Hartmann, Mathias und Partner, hmparter, AV Komunikation, Planung, Düsseldorf

As a business economist and audio professional, Stefan Mathias was looking for a satisfying job and the possibility to make use of his professional experience: AV concepts that go beyond technological components and design.

Based on enthusiasm  for AV integration and the strive for a self-determined way of work, Hartmann + Mathias Partnerschaft comes into existence.

Detlef Hartmann, BDSF expert
Detlef Hartmann, hmpartner Sachverständiger BDSF, Düsseldorf AV Kommunikation, Planung

Independent working and open-minded approaches were Detlef Hartmann's motivation to found his own business. Being an experienced specialist in the range of AV, media control and security systems, he started to develop comprehensive AV concepts with expertise and creativity.

As a member of standardization groups, Detlef Hartmann contributes to a valuable legal framework for AV design.

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