Regatta Course Duisburg

Duisburf Regatta Sport

Challenge to sturdiness: The location for integration of the new LED wall is „Outside. Always.“

Regattabahn Duisburf LED Technology AV Integration

Challenge to statics: The existing building and mount construction are part of the new design.

LED cabinets Wand Regattabahn Duisburg

The new LED wall is double in size. 84 sqm for content or streaming with 1248 x 672 pixels and 10mm pixel pitch.

Duisburg Sport Regatta Bahn

Challenge to LED technology: the surrounding water reflects and intensifies interfering light.

LED Cabinet Pixelpitch

The mounting was adjusted to 91 cabinets with a total weight of 2,5 tons.

Duisburg Sport Regattabehn LED Wand

Focus on target straight: view of the new LED wall from tribune and tower.

Regattabahn, regatta course, LED Wand
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Design put into practice:

Some superlatives

Duisburg regatta course not only belongs to the oldest locations for canoe racing, but also offers the most even conditions for competitions, even with windy or rainy weather – thanks to its windbreak dam. And it is the most frequently used location for national and international competitions.

Olympic canoeists belong to the most successful German athletes. And since the reunion, the German national canoe team has won the most medals in olympic games or world championships.

As a consequence, regatta sports have become very present in the media. In 2021, the „Finals“ took place in Duisburg and were broadcasted globally. Perfect time for an AV upgrade: the extra large LED wall perfectly fits into this superlative place.

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