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The stage building „Plektrum“ is one of three new constructionsat the Institute of Music. Its core is the completely black event hall with multi-functional purpose: concerts, lectures or dancing performance on a completely flexible stage.

The fanned-out wall structure creates an acoustically optimal environment for various event formats, so that the room can be played with and without sound reinforcement. The audio system is completely digital, based on a Dante audio network.

The sound system is designed for stages of different sizes and can be targeted to specific areas in the audience space. This way, components do not have to be relocated when the stage setting changes.

The new AV sytem was designed with the existing equipment in mind, so that old and new components can be operated together. If required, equipment can be rented as an extension. All AV components are connected via their own network.

From lectures to symphony concerts: preset functions of AV and builing systems can be chosen easily on a touch panel, depending on the type of event.

Video equipment includes a durable laser projector and PTZ camera for streaming or recording.  Thanks to pre-settings, simple formats do not require technical staff.

Design put into practice:

More than a Blackbox

In the new „Plektrum“ building, the AV systems of  all studios and stage rooms match perfectly.  This means that students have the same acoustic conditions when preparing for their performance as they do later on stage. For confidence and a positive feeling during the performance – and an enthusiastic audience.

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