Stadtsparkasse Bocholt
Main Branch

Displays an der Wand und im Wartebereich der SSK Bocholt
image: SSK Bocholt

More than space for information: the displays in the new main branch are digital signage, entertainment in the waiting area and art on the wall.

image: SSK Bocholt

More than presentations: table-integrated connection panels support BYOD. Share your information and documents on a large screen, from your own device.

Digitale Türschilder und Raumbuchungssystem
image: SSK Bocholt

More than door signs: the digital displays feature room booking  options and permit to open reserved rooms.

image: SSK Bocholt

More than banking office: the event area includes a large projection screen, beamsteering loudspeakers, wireless microphones and digital signal transmission.

image: SSK Bocholt

Accessibility is the basis for social sustainability: tactile guiding system, automatic doors and a WLAN-based hearing assistance provide support for clients and event participants.

Displays als Teil der Raumgestaltung
image: SSK Bochiolt

AV features in the public areas are automated. In other rooms, touch panels provide uncomplicated control of AV and room functions.

Das Kundencenter mit Digital Signage und Displaystelen
image: SSK Bocholt
Design put into practice:

Communicative Value

The pleasant atmosphere for consulting and costumer events results from abundant day light open architecture and – last but not least – perfectly integrated AV systems. Displays were integrated in nearly the whole building, instead of projectors. For contrast and brightness are much better on displays, especially in bright rooms. With digital Av support, financial sevices can be presented in a very descriptive way.

All AV systems can be controlled from a central desk. This improves service and support considerably and helps the Sparkasse team to concentrate fully on their clients.

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