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Displays and more...

In April 2021, Spakasse Bocholt has opened its new main branch with service center, counter, insurance agency, real estate office and areas for conferences and events. The new building is more than a bank branch: it also comprises a co-working space, an information centre of the Münster diocese and a cafe.

Displays in the costumer centre are more than digital signage for insurance information or real estrate ads. They also serve as pictures on the wall, with digital pieces of art. In the waiting area, displays entertain clients with TV programme. Left and right to the entrance, two display steles show extra bright and clear images, even in sunlight. And in the children’s corner, a display provides playful distraction for future clients.

Regattabahn, regatta course, LED Wand
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Regatta Course

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EY Digital Lab interaktiv Workshops Kommunikation Vernetzung interactive communication networking
Bild: FL Medientechnik
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Hochschule Bochum Hörsaal Projektion Vorlesung Medientechnik AV-Konzept university of applied sciences auditorium projection simulation
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Mitarbeiterrestaurant Event Leinwand Projektor barrierefrei staff restaurant, accessible, event location lighting screen
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HSD AV over IP Campus Derendorf Streaming Gebäude univevrsity of applied sciences
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Eschborn Immersive Studio digital interaktiv Video wall Workshop
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Zeiss, Eingang, Medientechnik
Bild: Nething GmbH
aareal Bank Wiesbaden Konferenz Video Meetingraum Display Medienmöbel web conferencing meeting av concept communication
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Standardisierung Roll-out Konferenzraum EY AV-Technik conferencing standard concept
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Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf Gerichtssaal Denkmalschutz AV-Technik Dolmetschanlage court room interpretation av communication
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Bild: hmpartner
Bild: Stefan Brückner