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Modern AV systems consist of much more than they used to: a conference spider in the middle of the table and a display on the wall. Today, they support people in their daily communication, whether together in a room, remote, or in a hybrid meeting. As a result, such systems have become much more diverse, depending on their purpose and surrounding room conditions. And multi-purpose means also an increasing number of options to consider.

Technical requirements for successful communication are one aspect of AV planning: powerful displays grant clear images andeasily readable text, even in especially bright rooms. Noise-canceling microphones make it easier for remote participants to follow the conversation in the room, and electroacoustic systems ensure equally good listening conditions everywhere in large halls.

The other aspect is the room itself, with its acoustic properties, dimensions and furnishings. Whether and how people can communicate in it depends on many factors: Can all participants see the video content well? Can they understand the speech? Will anyone be dazzled by window fronts? And what about the aesthetic sense of space? Is an LED wall effective at all in this location? Or would a second display make more sense?

Planned in a wholistic way, such a room can even improve communication: With good room acoustics that make listening pleasant and thus promote attention and focus. With good lighting conditions for a clear view of things and the speaker. And with good room design that is not distracting and creates a positive atmosphere.

Anyone making such decisions will need more than a clear catalogue of requirements. A precise idea of possible and sensible variants is absolutely crucial. We support your plans with detailed 3D visualizations for the most realistic impression possible. They show all AV components in the desired arrangement and how they can be used in everyday communication. Compare and prioritize the individual options, also on the basis of criteria that cannot always be read directly from planning documents or data sheets. And maybe even discover completely new ideas for the design of your own communication options.



Regattabahn, regatta course, LED Wand
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Regatta Course

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EY Digital Lab interaktiv Workshops Kommunikation Vernetzung interactive communication networking
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Hochschule Bochum Hörsaal Projektion Vorlesung Medientechnik AV-Konzept university of applied sciences auditorium projection simulation
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Mitarbeiterrestaurant Event Leinwand Projektor barrierefrei staff restaurant, accessible, event location lighting screen
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HSD AV over IP Campus Derendorf Streaming Gebäude univevrsity of applied sciences
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Eschborn Immersive Studio digital interaktiv Video wall Workshop
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Zeiss, Eingang, Medientechnik
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aareal Bank Wiesbaden Konferenz Video Meetingraum Display Medienmöbel web conferencing meeting av concept communication
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Standardisierung Roll-out Konferenzraum EY AV-Technik conferencing standard concept
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Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf Gerichtssaal Denkmalschutz AV-Technik Dolmetschanlage court room interpretation av communication
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