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AV concepts

Basis for good planning

Our projects are more than equipping single rooms with AV systems. What AV design is about: providing a system with all features that are necessary for everyday use. And make it fit into a room, both in dimensional as physical terms. Considering requirements and room characteristics from the very beginning will avoid costs for unnecessary features or replanning while the project is already in progress. Another crucial approach is future operation or maintenance of a system. Or what will happen with technologically outdated components.

This is why we use concrete requirements for specific rooms and general physical laws to elaborate an overall concept for AV systems. The advantage: this concept is scalable to any number of rooms, buildings, or locations. And it can be adapted to future technologies. If established before actual planning, an AV concept can help estimate costs and duration at a very early stage. And after a project’s start, it will serve as a basis for further planning, reducing required ressources considerably.

The concepts we have drawn up for our clients are not only helpful tools for evaluaition of a single project. They also enhance extensive standardization measures. And they make using AV technology much easier through uncomplicated, relieable and helpful systems. Lots of people will benefit in their everyday work and study life.

Audiovisuelle Kommunikation
Regattabahn, regatta course, LED Wand
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Regatta Course

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EY Digital Lab interaktiv Workshops Kommunikation Vernetzung interactive communication networking
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Hochschule Bochum Hörsaal Projektion Vorlesung Medientechnik AV-Konzept university of applied sciences auditorium projection simulation
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Mitarbeiterrestaurant Event Leinwand Projektor barrierefrei staff restaurant, accessible, event location lighting screen
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HSD AV over IP Campus Derendorf Streaming Gebäude univevrsity of applied sciences
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Eschborn Immersive Studio digital interaktiv Video wall Workshop
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Zeiss, Eingang, Medientechnik
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aareal Bank Wiesbaden Konferenz Video Meetingraum Display Medienmöbel web conferencing meeting av concept communication
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Standardisierung Roll-out Konferenzraum EY AV-Technik conferencing standard concept
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Oberlandesgericht Düsseldorf Gerichtssaal Denkmalschutz AV-Technik Dolmetschanlage court room interpretation av communication
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