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The new AV concept’s aim is central coordination of all rooms and standardized equipment for E-Learning and BYOD. Digital annotations on private laptops or tablets are a clear trend for many lectures.

display AV integration Medientechnik Planung Stützdisplay Seminarraum

Adjustable white­boards and powerful laser­ projectors have replaced chalk boards.  The many different rooms are quite challenging for a uniform solution: In long­ rooms, additional displays improve video quality in the rear area.

Some rooms are already equipped with modern projectors. Integrating them into the concept is not only a sustainable but also an economic point.

Dokumentenkamera, Seminarraum document viewer AV design Medientechnik Planung

The room equipment comprises display, AV components and a mini desktop PC. Start the system with a touch panel, at the end of the day it will be shut down through the central AV control. Future option: a centralized monitoring and support system.

Projektion AV Integration Design Medientechnik Planung

Some seminar rooms count with a dome camera and microphones for casting and streaming lectures. The demand for live streaming to other rooms, sites or to online learning platforms has increased considerably since Covid-19.

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Full-HD is the new quality standard for projectors and displays throughout HSPV NRW. For maximum profit from AV technology, the institution trained all teachers on the new equipment, not only in a technical way, but especially from a pedagogical point of view.

Rendering AV integration Fachplanung Projektion

Design put into practice:

Keeping up with distance Learning

„All our plans concentrated on a uniform basic equipment – all IT and AV-related departments and even administration favoured the idea of a single approach for all rooms. Teachers will find at all sites of HSPV NRW a comparable AV equipment with a similar control system. But also service and stocking of replacement devices were important aspects.“

Thomas Schröder, head of E-Learning department

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